November 17, 2011

What Causes Listeria?

What Causes Listeria - The bacteria causes is common among wild animals, pets, and soil and water. The bacteria makes many animals sick and often leads to miscarriage and stillbirth in domestic animals.

Vegetables, meat and other foods you eat may be infected with the bacteria come into contact with contaminated soil or fertilizer. Raw milk or products made from raw milk can contain bacteria.

First, you must complete a blood or urine. It is often the most effective way to help the doctor to see whether or not infected with the bacteria.

Second, provide samples of CSF culture and CSF. The techniques will help doctors to determine if the Listeria bacteria are the cause of the infection of the meninges. No way, no test to determine whether meningitis is caused by listeria or other reasons.

A lumbar puncture, also known as lumbar puncture is used to test a sample of fluid from the spinal cord. This interruption is called cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Helps support and protect the brain and spinal cord.

If you are pregnant, have tested the amniotic fluid. Provide samples of amniotic allows doctors to see the presence of Listeria bacteria in the placenta and check that the disease may have an effect endanger your baby. More article: Listeria Outbreak

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