November 8, 2011

Listeria Outbreak

Cantaloupe Listeria Killer Prosecution Targeting Grocers, Changing The Laws Of Colorado
Obligations of legal experts say the three main objectives of the demands related to the outbreak of listeria melon with $ 17 million in liability coverage, which can cause a lot of collateral damage laws.

With 29 deaths and 139 illnesses associated with listeria laced melon, the gap between Jensen farms three companies, which makes the melon, Frontera build Texas, Jensen distributor and PrimusLabs, third-party certified auditors skills security Jensen before the outbreak, liability insurance about $ 100 million projected cost of prosecution brief.

Because of this, the experts said that the seller of the Denver Post, laboratory audits and distributors are related to the sale of the fruit is expected to be more specific victims to obtain compensation.

"If they have a lot of money, they'll get," said Greenberg Traurig shareholder Prochnow Justin Post.

The number of matches expected to defend the consumers mind can even change the legal landscape in Colorado.

"I think the whole case has the potential to create a new law in Colorado," said Scott Eldredge, who specializes in negligence and liability in Fort Simpson, Post.

In January, the state bill was introduced to protect the seller from liability in the sale of products from other manufacturers. Bill is driven by a number of cases of salmonella in 2009 after a grocery store sells vitamins Cottage peanut butter from contaminated peanuts.

While the sponsors of the bill was originally intended to assist smaller wholesalers of false judgments, which ultimately killed the bill when they find out what a big change in the law of State responsibility.

"Every good seller is responsible for what they sell and make good any deficiencies or problems with products," spokesman Alan Lewis Vitamin Cottage message. "That's different to bet your company on every can of soup to which you sell." Read more article: Listeria Symptoms


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