November 8, 2011

What is Listeria?

What is Listeria? - Last month, experts confirmed nine cases of Listeria in the state of Colorado. Early indications point shoots produced from infected melon, or even family members of infected people is the claim that she ate salmon. Officials are still gathering information about the reasons, but for now, it seems that the culprit melons. With a long gestation period, according to a source, which makes detection of Listeria.

With that said, what listeria and how we can improve our chances are not infected with a virus? According to one expert, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of being infected.

"Listeria is a bacterium that causes listeriosis, a disease that usually causes flu-like symptoms, muscle aches, fever, etc.," said the editor of Biomedical Sciences Dr. Kara Rogers. "It can also affect the heart and cause symptoms of meningitis include headache, confusion, and stiff neck."

In the last case occurred in Colorado has caused individuals to fall into a coma for two deaths. According to the doctor. Rogers in Canada since the outbreak a few years ago caused the death of 40% of those infected.

Issuance of this bacteria usually occur through contaminated food such as meat and unpasteurized dairy products. Dr Rogers said that is rarely found in the building that makes it so unusual about the recent outbreak in Colorado melon participation.

You can take steps to reduce the chance of infection. Be sure to wash your overall brand and not the least, keeps the body dry. Any meat should be cooked thoroughly, as well as consumption of unpasteurized milk products should be completely avoided.

"Like this cantaloupe should be washed and dried, either eaten immediately or stored in the refrigerator. Adequate cooling, with temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less, it is important to prevent growth of Listeria, "says the doctor. Rogers.

Making your own vegetable production will go a long way to help prevent these and other issues. The main reason is, you know what you sow, you know what you are putting your ground and know that the handling of food to grow. Although he says, should follow these suggestions to ensure that all home-grown vegetables cleaned, washed and dried before consumption and stored properly.

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