November 10, 2011

Listeria Treatment

Listeria Treatment - There are many houses that fall prey to the type of bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes, which causes an illness called listeriosis. These microorganisms may not sound very familiar to us, but we believe that the immune system. In fact, we find the type of bacteria and does not notice. This is because it only affects those who are immunocompromised or whose immune system is not the best they can or sensitive conditions. Examples of immunocompromised individuals are pregnant women, cancer patients, children and basically anyone who fights against some forms of severe disease. This does not mean, but because we are good we can be neglected in the possibility of contracting listeriosis. We all have to be careful because we do not know when we are at greater risk.

Listeriosis is a disease you can get from eating meat and dairy products like cheese, hot dogs, raw meat. Fortunately, the bacteria can be killed by heat. This means that you should not eat food unless you can overheat. And they must be very hot before putting in your mouth. It is also advisable not to eat unpasteurized milk or food products from it. Processed foods also meat can carry bacteria. Instead of eating soft cheeses, you can go to safer equipment.

When preparing food in the kitchen, it is important to clean all that will be used when handling foods that can be carriers of Listeria monocytogenes. Be sure to wash everything with water and soap, including cutting boards and other equipment that has been used. One very important thing to remember is the equipment used to separate the people that has been washed. When put together, the network can be easily contaminated. Of course, after you have cleaned everything including the kitchen sink, always make it a point to wash your hands so you can avoid all that plays after preparing food contamination.

Listeriosis can cause flu-like symptoms are common and usually harmless. However, immunocompromised patients, the disease can affect the central nervous system and manifest with symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, loss of balance and even seizures. A pregnant woman may experience severe symptoms, but the disease can still be sent to the fetus through the placenta and cause complications, miscarriage, still birth or otherwise. Therefore, to be fully protected against the disease, proper precautions should be followed and the risk of infection should not be assumed. Related article What is Listeria

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